Promoting use of biogas: an effective alternative to LPG !

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Having had several rounds of initial discussions and done preparatory work, the NSF Team made a site visit on 19th May to observe one functioning biogas plant at domestic level. Engineer Sunil Welivita  from NERDC has developed this plant at his house where he had introduced the miniforest concept and growing greens for consumption using biofertilizer generated through the process. During the visit it was discussed how NERDC can collaborate with the NSF in promoting home gardening concept together with using biogas for cooking purposes.

To get an overall picture of biogas generation and using it as a renewable energy source, the NSF connected with Dr Thusitha Sugathapala from University of Moratuwa who was also the former Director General of the Sustainable Energy Authority. At the request of the NSF, Dr Sugathapala made a constructive and informative presentation to the NSF Team on May 20th covering all the aspects of the process and specifically the NSF role.

At the recommendation of Dr Sugathapala, the NSF is now preparing for two other site visits to observe smaller biogas digestors being made by an entrepreneur as well as a plant esblished at industrial scale. It is noted that there are many approaches taken by different layers of people in the country to meet their current cooking needs. However, getting this renewable energy source to public in a more systematic, pragmatic, and effective way meeting the demands and needs of people is a must. The role of the NSF is lying on these grounds to take this process as a national endeavor and a collective national programme. 

Video courtesy of Eng. Sunil Welivita of National Engineering Research and Development Centre (NERD)