NSF at a glance

The National Science Foundation functions under the purview of the Ministry of Education. The organization was initially established as the National Science Council (NSC) in 1968 (Act No. 09 of 1968). NSC was restructured as the Natural Resources, Energy and Science Authority (NARESA) in 1982 (Act No. 78 of 1981). After 16 years of service, NARESA was reorganized as the National Science Foundation (NSF) in 1998 by Act No. 11 of 1994.

Vission and Mission


To be the nation’s premier driving force in promoting Science, Technology & Innovation for economic and social prosperity of Sri Lanka”


Initiate, facilitate and support research, development, innovation and technology transfer through funding, knowledge creation, capacity building, partnerships, information dissemination and popularizing science so as to;

  • create a knowledge driven society and economy, efficiently and effectively, and
  • contribute to improve the quality of life and standard of living of our people, whilst nurturing a competent staff and ensuring transparency, accountability, fairness, equity and principles of sustainability.
National Research, Development and Innovation Eco-System

National Research, Development and Innovation Eco-System

The National Science Foundation (NSF) of Sri Lanka plays a pivotal role in supporting and strengthening the National Research, Development, and Innovation Ecosystem to promote wealth creation and ensure the wellbeing of the citizens of Sri Lanka. NSF, as a key government organization, has designed its programmes and initiatives to contribute to this endeavor at three different levels. Read more


Painting Art credit : Mr Muditha Padukkage, National Science Foundation