Prof. Yasmin Dean, Dean, Faculty of Education and Social Work, Thompson Rivers University, Canada visits NSF

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Prof.  Yasmin Dean, Dean of the  Faculty of Education and Social Work and  Professor of Social Work at  Thompson Rivers University, Canada visited the NSF on 21 December 2023 and held discussion  with Prof. Ranjith Senaratne, Chairman, NSF. She is passionately committed to human service and her  fields of interest include social work, community development, education, cross-disciplinary studies etc.  She has already been working with the International Centre for Ethnic Studies (ICES) in Sri Lanka  related to peace building and  social cohesion. As the NSF is committed to  deploying  Science Diplomacy as a powerful tool for building national unity and  ethnic harmony, the discussion centred round the prospects for collaboration leveraging  the wide networks and contacts of the NSF with academics and professionals in the country, particularly in the  Northern and Eastern Provinces. Prof. Yasmin expressed keen  interest to  work with the NSF in enhancing   the current programmes in the country related to social cohesion and community development.