Prof. Dilum Fernando, Chair Professor of Structural Engineering at The University of Edinburgh, UK visits NSF

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Prof. Dilum Fernando, Chair Professor of Structural Engineering, School of Engineering at The University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK visited the NSF on 23 November 2023 and held discussion on a wide range of current topics with Prof. Ranjith Senaratne,  Chairman of the NSF. This visit was facilitated by  the global digital platform constructed by the NSF to harness Sri Lankan expatriates for national development.

Prof. Fernando works on the structure of material at nano and micro levels and combines  geometric concepts to produce metamaterials with improved efficiency and properties. He is also working on renewable energy with a  special focus on wind turbines. As Sri Lanka plans  to embark upon a mega programme  aimed at  produciung wind energy, he expressed interest in sharing his knowledge and experience in building capacity and competencies in the production of wind turbines  in a cost-effective manner in Sri Lanka.

As the NSF has already built close rapport with the British Council and the University of Keele in the UK, Prof. Senaratne  discussed with Prof. Fernando the possibility of formulating a strategic programme  in the field of renewable energy engaging the relevant Universities in Sri Lanka and the UK such as Keels and Edinburg with the support of the British Council. Such a project is in line with the SDGs and will be of great relevance and sigificance as the President has proposed establishment of an International Climate Change University in Sri Lanka. This would  be  a major initiative of the NSF in 2024.