Student Response System for measuring classroom responsiveness

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A basic structure for multi-purpose student response system was developed and tested to conduct sessions with more than 100 students overcoming the difficulties faced with quiz mode teaching in a lecture theatre or in an examination setting. This device can be easily used to check the learning degree of students during a lecture/classroom activity by using a few multiple-choice questions. How well the students have answered the questions can be immediately assessed for individuals as well as for the entire class or groups. During the project period, the device was tested for a group of 150 students.

Hand-held slave units (Clickers) with user-friendly keypads and LCD display units were successfully fabricated and tested at the University of Ruhuna. The two-way communication capacity of the device is over 75 meters and the slave unit is rechargeable. The developed student response system is low-cost, flexible and can be easily customized. The objective of introducing this product is to upgrade the existing one-way teaching/communication system to a multi-purpose responsive system working in different modes; quiz mode, feedback mode and voting mode. The system was developed with the support of the technology grant awarded to a Research Team of the University of Ruhuna.

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