Round-table discussion with EU, JICA and Fulbright Commission

Round-table discussion with EU, JICA and Fulbright Commission

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A round-table discussion was held on 28.01.2020 in the auditorium of the NSF with the participation of Directors of the Centre for International Affairs (CINTA) of the universities to apprise them of the opportunities offered by EU, JICA and US-SL Fulbright Commission for research, higher studies, fellowships and capacity building. It was chaired by Prof. Ranjith Senaratne, Chairman of NSF. Mr. Ludivic Ciechanowski, Programme Manager, International Cooperation and Development of EU, Mr. Indika Cabral, Senior Project Specialist of JICA  and Mrs. Sandarshi Gunawardena, Executive Director of SL- US Fulbright Commission made detailed presentations on opportunities available. The EU representative said that another awareness programme would be conducted in March regarding the call for new proposals by EU on Horizon 2020.

Representatives from universities requested that communications from NSF regarding opportunities for research, overseas training, etc. be copied to Directors of CINTAs as well because of occasional delays encountered in the internal communication process. It was decided to form a network of members of the Centre for International Affairs in the universities and keep them in the loop of communication so that relevant announcements from NSF will be directly received by them.

The meeting was organised by Mr. Shantha Siri, Head, International Liaison Division of NSF.

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