Dr Nimal Gamage, a top-flight data scientist of global repute, delivered a webinar on the applications of sensors in an AI-centric world

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Dr Nimal Gamage is an engineer from the University of Moratuwa. He has done his Master's and PhD at the Oregon State University, USA and has served on the faculty of the Oregon State University and University of Colorado Boulder before joining the private sector. He has worked on the application of sensors in a wide range of fields including improving efficiency, effectiveness,  productivity, competitiveness and safety and reducing waste, losses and hazards. 
He is a top-flight scientist cum technologist of international repute in the USA with long standing hands-on experience in the application of sensors in an AI-centric world. He has worked in around 35 countries, including several world-renowned companies and currently, he is the Group Vice President of Cloud Services for Blue Yonder, now a part of Panasonic. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the application of sensors in a wide range of sectors. 
He is registered with the database of Sri Lankan expatriate scientists constructed by the NSF. He visited Sri Lanka in March, 2024  and the NSF  captured the opportunity to invite him to deliver a webinar titled "Sensing at the point of consumption and the ubiquitous use of sensors in an AI - centric world: from Concept to Practice"  on 12th March 2024, sharing  his  remarkable  knowledge, experience and expertise in the application of sensors in a wide range of fields to advance S&T, safety and wellbeing. His talk  was very useful and  insightful and the link to his talk is given below:  

Watch the live recording on NSF YouTube Channel