Sri Lanka Journal of Health Research: Launching Ceremony

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Dr Sepalika Sudasinghe, Director General of the National Science Foundation, had the honor of participating in the Launching Ceremony of the Sri Lanka Journal of Health Research, hosted by the Ministry of Health which was held on January 19, 2024. During this significant event, she emphasized the essential task of transforming knowledge into practical applications, drawing from her perspective as a practitioner-researcher.

Dr Sudasinghe highlighted the importance of promoting evidence-based decision-making and policy-making approaches. She pointed out that benefits out of health research are underutilized in Sri Lanka and numerous other countries attributing to insufficient investments and the absence of a culture centered around evidence-based decision-making.

Moreover, Dr Sudasinghe stressed that it is important to establish an evidence-based policymaking approach within the country. In conclusion, she reiterated that health is a vital component and outcome of development, noting that research and development in health sector can play a pivotal role in contributing to both improved health outcomes and sustainable development in Sri Lanka.