Dr. Ranjith Dharmathilake, University of Visual and Performing Arts presents his book “Varna” to Chairman of NSF

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Dr Ranjith Dharmathilake, Senior Lecturer at Faculty of Visual arts, UVPA visited the NSF on 03rd October 2023 and presented  a copy of his  book “Varna” to Prof. Ranjith Senaratne, Chariman, NSF. This award winning book by Dr Dharmathilaka has examined colour beyond its visual and aesthetic appeal. And it is a must-read book.

Colour has a profound impact on many aspects of human life, including behaviour, mood, emotions and memory. For instance, the human endocrine system (hormone system) responds to colour resulting in the release of hormones which is dependent upon the colours one sees. Therefore, the choice of the right colour/s for the right purpose and the right place is of prime importance which goes far beyond the aesthetic appeal. Consequently, disciplines such as colour chemistry, colour psychology, visual ergonomics  and chromo therapy have developed in advanced countries. However, these aspects have received only scant attention in Sri Lanka.

Therefore, the Sri Lanka Association for the Advancement of Science (SLASS) decided to conduct a conference in collaboration with the NSF on "The Art and Science of Colour : Optimizing Human Experience, Interaction and Well-being" in the end of November under the leadership of Prof.  Senaratne who is also the General President of the Sri Lanka Association for the Advancement of Science. A galaxy of outstanding scientists, scholars and professionals from home and abroad will  make presentations at this event in order to share their knowledge and experience for the benefit of the community. The event will be sponsored by Nippon Paint Lanka (Pvt) Ltd where  Dr Dharmathilake would be a key speaker.