NSF commenced the work ceremonially on Monday, 02nd January 2023

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Following the Public Administration Circular, No. 30/2022, the NSF commenced the work ceremonially on Monday, 02nd January 2023, the first working day of the year 2023 parallel to the main official ceremony conducted at the Presidential Secretariat. At 9.00 a.m., Prof. Ranjith Senaratne/Chairman of the NSF hoisted the National Flag and Dr Sepalika Sudasinge/Director General of the NSF hoisted the NSF flag and was followed by singing the National Anthem and the NSF theme song. Observing two minutes silence to commemorate the war heroes and others who sacrificed their lives on behalf of the motherland took place after singing the NSF theme song. As the third item in the ceremonial commencement of work, all NSF staff together with the Chairman and the Director General of the NSF read aloud the Oath of Public Servants as prepared and delivered by the Ministry of Public Administration.  Concluding the official ceremony, both the Chairman and the Director General delivered short speeches explaining the government policy and the programme introduced by the government to overcome the present challenges faced by the country and the contribution expected from public servants in achieving the set objectives as solutions to overcome the critical problems. The government has introduced strategies to conquer the present economic crisis within a short period. Therefore, at this critical juncture which demands our active contribution and dedication, it is our duty to perform the best to help the country to eradicate poverty, establish food security, create employment, and enhance local production and earn foreign exchange. These were highlighted in their speeches and the importance to bear responsibility and stepping beyond the routine duties to ensure delivering better results to reestablish economic stability of the country.

Subsequent to the official ceremony, pirith chanting was made by Ven Meegoda Sukhitha.