Taking science to the community through constructive engagement with Universities

Taking science to the community through constructive engagement with Universities

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The National Science Foundation (NSF) proposes to work closely with the universities and R&D institutions in  taking  science to the community with a view to  enhancing scientific literacy, sparking passion for science and technology in children and youth and promoting a culture of creativity and innovation in the country. Initially, programmes will be conducted in the N and S jointly with the Universities of Jaffna and Ruhuna, respectively.

The first  round-table discussion in this connection was held on 22 September 2020 in the Board Room of the NSF with  active participation of Prof. Lanka Ranawaka (Faculty of Agriculture), Prof. Sudeera Jayasinghe and Dr. Harshani Rajapaksha (Faculty of Medicine),    Dr. J. A. P. Bodika (Faculty of Science) and  Eng. Varuna Priyanka (Faculty of Engineering), University of Ruhuna.

Prof. Ranjith Senaratne, Chairman of the NSF. who chaired the meeting who stated that art would be a powerful  vehicle  in  taking science to the community and stressed the need for effective use of fine arts in this connection. Dr. Dilrukshi Ranathungs, Head, Division of Science Popularization at NSF made a presentation highlighting its current activities. 

A detailed discussion was held with valuable contribution from the participants from the University of Ruhuna and it  was decided to start the programme with school children  who are the gateway to the society and work in collaboration with the Department of Education. Next meeting will be conducted at the University of Ruhuna with the participation of staff from  NSF and Dept. of Education at Matara.

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