The best 20 projects of SRPC 2022/23

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Congratulations !!!

First evaluation (STEP I) of  School Science Research Project Competition  2022/23 (SRPC 2022/23) was held on 23 , 24 & 28 March 2023 at NSF Auditorium.  Out of 93 projects participated the programme , the  20 best projects indicated below  were selected  to participate the final  Step of the competition  (STEP II). The students who were able to secure place at best 20 projects are invited to participate the final evaluation planned to be held on 26th April at the NSF Auditorium. The  guidelines to prepare the poster for next evaluation  can be obtained from here (pdf 310kb)

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1. Problems associated with sand mining in Upparu Delta region of Kinniya
Project Code : 01
School :
T/Kinniya Central College
Students :
M.R.Mohamed Baheej Al Barrah
Teacher in Charge :
Mr M.M.A. Abrar
Principal Supervisor :
Dr V. Anavarathen
Unit of Siddha Medicine,
Faculty of Applied Sciences,
Trincomalee Campus,
Eastern University of Sri Lanka

Eng. Mohamed Suhail. M. P
2. Production and use of efficient solar panels for daily life activities
3. A preliminary study on floral sap yield determination of naturally grown Kithul palms
4. Wastewater treatment using a constructed wetland at Mahamevnawa Buddhist College
5. Reducing the daily usage of electricity consumed by a refrigerator
6. Identify the most suitable gas or gas mixture to run a 2 stroke engine
7. Evaluation of home-based DNA extraction as a cost effective method
8. Organic fertilizers vs Chemical fertilizers: What is more suitable for agriculture?
9. Increase the productivity of plants in outer space and under adverse conditions
10. Investigation of anti-cancer activity of bioactive compounds present on plants in Sri Lanka for estradiol synthesis pathway associated with breast cancer via in silico approach
11. Investigating the effectiveness of various storage methods to reduce the microbial growth on toothbrushes
12. Evalution of Antidiabetic Activity of Flower of Ranawara (Cassia auriculata) in High Glucose Induced Zebrafish Embryos"
13. Research about effect of cattle urine on growth & yield of chili plant
14. Potential of lemongrass (Cumbopogon citratus) leaf extract as a natural fungicide againt anthracnose in banana fruit
15. Preliminary survey of Cyprinidae family fishes of Diyagama Ela in South West ichthyological zone of srilanka
16. Investigation of pest control effect of Wathupalu (Mikania micrantha) leaf extract - step 2
17. Eco-friendly bio-plastic instead of polythene bags
18. Chemical analysis & the importance of Eleocaris species (Eleocaris dulcis) - Chinese water chestnut
19. Qualitative ananlysis of thermal comfert in a school classroom
20. Study of Colouring Effect of Coconut Shell Formulations on Graying Hair