Statistical Handbook on National Research and Development Survey - 2020 is out for online reading.!

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The National R&D Survey

The National Science Foundation is conducting the National R&D Survey on regular basis and publishes the Statistical Handbook. You will find the following R&D inputs and outputs from this book.

R&D Inputs

  • Gross Domestic Expenditure on R&D (GERD)
  • GERD by Research Type, Research Discipline, Sectors
  • Sources of funds for R&D
  • Head count of R&D Scientists and Technicians
  • Full-Time Equivalents (FTEs) of R&D scientists

R&D Outputs

  • Number of research publications
  • Information on patents and industrial designs
  • Postgraduate outputs

Information for the Survey is gathered from the institutional categories that are given below.

  1. Government Sector organizations that are involved in R&D activities
  2. Higher Education Sector: Government and private universities and higher educational institutes
  3. Business Enterprise Sector: R&D activities done by private sector enterprises
  4. Private Non- Profit Organizations: Non- Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

Read the it online or download from here (pdf, 1.3mb)