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The dynamics of the 21st century knowledge economy is being progressively driven by scientific and technological capabilities of a nation. The economic growth, prosperity and development of a country is increasingly being determined by its S&T competence and strength rather than its material and resource base. Recognizing that S&T is an important instrument in the growth paradigm, both developed and developing countries have evolved S&T policies to augment and strengthen their research infrastructure and technology intensity. India over the years has evolved a policy and program framework aimed at strengthening research and education infrastructure, building excellence and capacity in science for fostering knowledge creation and promoting innovation. India with its long culture and tradition in science has positioned itself as one of the leading countries in basic research supported through a vast network of apex R&D institutions. India is keen to enter into partnerships with its neighbouring countries to foster closer scientific and technological collaboration through human capacity building in advanced areas of research and development. The India Science and Research Fellowship (ISRF) aims at providing opportunities to researchers and scientists from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Thailand to undertake R&D at premier research and academic institutions in India.


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