NSF launches a Global Digital Platform on 21st February 2022 at BMICH under the distinguished patronage of Hon. Mahinda Rajapaksa, Prime Minister

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There are nearly three million Sri Lankan expatriates and emigrants in the world, including an appreciable number of reputed scientists and professionals holding senior positions in academia, R&D institutions and industry. They undoubtedly constitute a formidable potential asset of Sri Lanka which has hitherto been almost untapped and untouched for national development. In fact, there are many SL expatriates who are keen to contribute to the development of the motherland and there have been previous attempts to harness this potential for national development. However, the lack of a credible and pragmatic mechanism has hindered such contribution, whereas countries such as China, India and Taiwan have derived remarkable benefits by harnessing expatriates for national development.

Therefore, as per the vision of Prof. Ranjith Senaratne, Chairman, the NSF with technical support from the SLASCCOM constructed a state-of-the-art Global Digital Platform (GDP) with the requisite capabilities and features to harness, mobilize and channel intellectual assets at home and abroad ― the most precious and treasured resource in a knowledge economy ― for national development. This will enable the NSF to address and resolve high-priority national needs and concerns while making the most of the opportunities and natural resources available in order to transform Sri Lanka into a developed nation.

Practically every sector of the economy including higher education, S&T, FDI, trade/exports, tourism and industry can benefit from it. For instance, it will provide information on opportunities available across the globe for higher studies, post-doctoral positions, collaborative research and capacity building, to name a few and its travel calendar will enable our prospective graduate students, scientists and institutional leaders to meet with expatriate scientists during their “home-coming”.

Over 900 expatriate scientists, technologists and professionals from around the world have registered with the platform and it can potentially make a huge contribution in strengthening local industries/SMEs as well as the corporate sector, thereby paving the way for increased FDI and exports which are crucially important at this juncture.

This platform will be launched on the 21st February 2022 at BMICH at 9:00 AM under the distinguished patronage of Hon. Mahinda Rajapaksa, Prime Minister. Top 2% of the global scientific fraternity in Sri Lanka will be symbolically honoured and felicitated at this historic event for their singular accomplishments in the sphere of S&T. This affords an opportunity to develop an interface between our distinguished scientists at home and abroad, creating a win-win situation which will undoubtedly afford a turbo boost to the S&T endeavors in our country.

Thus, the Global Digital Platform (GDP) of the NSF will be a potent catalyst and powerful instrument in raising the GDP of our country. Therefore, this event undoubtedly signifies an important landmark in the 54-year long journey of the NSF in particular and the S&T sector in general. It will be a game changer, signifying a turning point in the S&T trajectory of Sri Lanka to become a developed nation by 2035.

A galaxy of high-profile scientists and technologists from home and abroad will speak at the event which will be livestreamed. It is too important an opportunity not to be missed and you are invited to register for the platform and the event using the following links and witness it. Please share this with interested parties.

The link for registration in the Digital Platform: https://gdp.nsf.gov.lk

Watch the recording of the evenet on YouTube and Facebook