Activities of the Research Arm

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1. Research Promotion for Country’s Development: The Road-map and Implementation Framework - done in June 2021

The Implementation Framework and the proposed list of Priority Research Areas and Market Gaps shall be the essential components of the road-map for promoting research. The implementation framework focuses on six key elements;

  1. The information platform: To establish a publicly accessible dynamic web portal that shall contain essential information on research priority needs of the country and supply side research seeds (based on proven track records in research and innovations) and to be maintained by an independent entity.
  2. The sub unit for promotion and facilitation: A responsible entity that will bring the demand side ‘needs’ and supply side ‘research seeds’ together to enable promotion and facilitation of the entire value chain.
  3. Impact management: A sub-unit for monitoring and observing the connections of the value chain to spot the successes and deficiencies at each point to enable corrective measures based on lessons learnt.
  4. Grant opportunities and financing: To publicize relevant information regarding funding opportunities, convey information on sources of finances available for research based on the specific requirement and develop and facilitate searches for funding using information technology services.
  5. Policy framework: Establishment of a well-designed policy element to offer a transparent regulatory mechanism that will cover the entire process of the implementation framework.
  6. Performance assessment: The effectiveness of the process and the outcome/outputs of the framework shall be monitored through the use of key performance indicators linked to timelines for all critical elements in the framework.

Annex 01 – Road-map (pdf,82kb)

Annex 02 – Implementation Framework (pdf,42kb)

2. Proposed list of Priority Research Areas and Market Gaps – Done in July 2021
3. Subcommittee proposal to overcome the delays in processing foreign research grants - report that was submitted by the Sub Committee appointed to look into concerns on processing foreign grants – done in June 2021.
4. Setting up Steering Committees (SCs) under each RA member – SCs appointed in August 2021
5. Call for Project Proposals for Special Research Grants (To address current high priority areas of the Country) and gap filling grants – done in August 2021
6. International Funding Opportunities – links put up on the NSF Website – September 2021

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