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Technology for controlling pests of Brassicaceae family crops


Description: Biological pest control in cabbage plantations by mass rearing of cabbage parasitoid Catessia Plutellae to reduce the damage caused by cabbage pest, diamond back moth (DBM).

Application: Biological pest control

Value chain position: Still in development phase


Smart power unit for power distribution managementalt

Description: Development of an automated power distribution management system which can be handled easily. The mechanism involves restoring the power system promptly to an optimal target configuration after the fault.

Application : Power supply management


Non- invasive device to diagnose endothelial dysfunctions


Problem : The existing invasive techniques are expensive and risky. Existing non-invasive techniques require a medical professional for screening, need several devices to get an accurate reading, high sensitivity of devices to external environment, not directly assess endothelial functions, instead assess functions of brachial arteries etc.

Solution : Less expensive, highly sensitive, simple hand held non invasive device to screen patients within few minutes.


Height adjustable coconut plucking pole


Description : Height adjustable coconut plucking pole made out of steel of which the height can be adjusted (8 – 80 feet).

Application : plucking of coconut or any other fruit

Value chain position : Awaiting for potential investors

Environmentally friendly motor boat



Description : A boat with non-symmetrical twin hulls which prevent river bank erosion from waves generated when moving.

Application : Internal waterway transport, recreational tours

Value chain position : Being in operation along Kaluganga

Fruit fly free gherkin production



Description : A new method of gherkin production under green house brings zero damages against fruit fly attack. The method enhances quality of the fruits as well as productivity.

Application : production of gherkins under green house conditions

Value chain position : Technology is transferred to farmers and is being used. Technology is available free of charge.

Locally developed diesel fuel pump test bench



Description : AC motor driven diesel fuel pump test bench as an import substitution.

Application : measuring performance of fuel injector pumps of vehicles

Value chain position : Available for scale

COP Sayura : The three-dimensional coastal surveillance system



Description : A coastal surveillance system which can enhance the decision making capabilities in Port traffic control

Application : to improve situational awareness, protect mari-time resources, prevent illegal human, drug trafficking, monitoring fishermen and ensure mari-time safety of vessels in and around Sri Lanka

Value chain position : Deployed at Sri Lanka Ports Authority and available for other ports on demand

Energy efficient and environmentally friendly coconut shell charcoal kiln



Description : Semi- automated coconut shell charcoal kiln enables manufacturing charcoal with improved qualities. The kiln is designed to monitoring environmental pollution during charcoal manufacturing process.

Application: Activated charcoal manufacturing

Value chain position: Unit has already been commercialized.

Algae Spirulina as a food supplement


Description: Spirulina grown in tanks, is dried and powdered for used as a food supplement. The bottled powder is released to the local market.

Application : Protein supplements to overcome malnutrition

Value chain position : Technology is transferred to Kandekadu Army Farm.

One company is awarded a grant for capsule formation. Further transfer to grow Spirulina is expected

A solar powered lift and carry type milking machine



Description : A solar-powered lift and carry type milking machine with improved ergonomics to address the local small scale dairy farmer needs.

Application : A potable 10 L capacity milking machine operates via rechargeable battery or electricity. The battery can also be charged by solar power. The machine is ergonomically improved and avoids spread of mastitis.

Value chain position: Grantee intends to start his own manufacturing business generating new employment opportunities. Patent rights applied.

An Aloe vera (Aloe barbadensis Miller) incorporated ready to serve beverage



Description : Aloe vera ready to serve beverage as an alternative beverage over other types of beverages and as a preventive measure to overcome type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM)- a pandemic disease in Sri Lanka

Application : Beverage as a remedy for type 2 diabetes mellitus

Value chain position : Product development at scaling up level 

Simplified hydroponics to improve the household food production



Description : simplified hydroponic as a resource efficient technology to grow vegetables for home consumption utilizing limited space available.

Application : Affordable technology for house hold vegetable production. Use of limited space for conventional home garden.

Value chain position : Technology is ready for transfer.

Spherical latex container for natural rubber latex industry


Description :A spherical shape vessel is developed to collect and transport latex from the point of tapping for centrifugation in the factory. The vessel will reduce number of latex transfer stages by minimizing wastage of latex and other chemicals.

Application : One unit for collection transportation and processing.

Value chain position : Spherical vessel fabricated is located at Lalan Rubber (Pvt.) Ltd. and is being used. Technology was transferred to Richard Pieris Polymers (Pvt) Ltd. for commercial scale production.

Manufacture and marketing of cost effective, environmentally friendly cooking stoves for domestic and commercial cooking purposes



Description : A Start-Up business to manufacture and market environmentally friendly stoves for domestic and commercial cooking purposes is being progressed. The stove will save up to 50% energy cost compared to use of LP gas. No toxic fumes are generated during cooking. Rural community engaged in pottery and charcoal industries are benefited.

Application : It can be used for domestic and industrial cooking purpose in a convenient, user friendly and safely manner.

Value chain position : Domestic and industrial type stoves are available in the market.

Novel Accessible Technologies for Touch screen Devices


Description : A software product (“iBrailler Notes”) which facilitates blind users to interact with modern touch screen devices. It ‘s dynamic virtual keyboard ensures that keys are always underneath user’s fingers and user need not to move their fingers to find buttons.

Application: Facilitates blind users to interact with modern touch screen devices.

Value chain position: Product has reached the global market. AfreetestversionoftheiBraillerapp is available on the Apple app store.

Novel device for integrated control of speed and time of ceiling fans


Description : Throughan ingenious novel micro-electronic low power design, a solid state integrated circuit has been developed to regulate speed & time of ceiling fans. Controller can be used to regulate the speed and automatically switch off the fan after a pre-set time.  

Application: a device energy efficient, speed controllable and auto switch off functions in a hum free manner.

Value chain position: Available in the market

  On-going Grants

Efficient single dryer for different types of natural rubber





Description:A dryer which could be used for drying different grades of rubber simultaneously or separately using the same heat source.

Application : Efficient mode of drying for raw rubber industry

Value chain position : Dryer is installed at Sorana Plantations. Test trial were conducted.

Develop an economical and reliable Ammonia-Water Diffusion Absorption Refrigeration System (DARS) driven by waste heat for food transportation applications in Sri Lanka




Description : A functional prototype of Ammonia-Water Diffusion Absorption Refrigeration System (DARS) is an energy efficient refrigeration system having 1-2 Kw cooling output. It is planned to utilize waste heat from vehicles as the input for operating the refrigeration system during transportation.

Application : The mechanism is to be used for food transportation minimizing food waste.

Value chain position : Functional prototype is fabricated and testing is in progress.


A multi-pass vibro-fluidized-bed dryer for black tea and desiccated coconut industry




Description : A drier is developed to improve energy efficiency of black tea and desiccated coconut drying process while maintaining the quality of finished products and reducing the dust emissions

Application: A dryer with commercial potential due to its low energy consumption, affordable cost, reduced space requirement and low cost of installation.

Value chain position : Still in progress and located at Pireckma (Pvt.) Ltd., Galigamuwa.



Locally developed nucleic Acid Extraction Kits and recombinant enzymes




Description: Locally developed nucleic acid extraction kits (viral RNA and human genomic DNA) and recombinant enzymes at an affordable price.

Application: To be used in clinical test trials/diagnosis and research work

Value chain position: Quality upgradation and standardization is in progress.  

Scaling up, stability testing and product testing of urinary glucose strips


Description: Dry reagent elements for quantitative and qualitative determination of urinary glucose.

Application: Locally developed commercially viable urinary glucose strips as an import substitution for determination of urinary glucose.

Value chain position: Scaling up of the process and product stability testing are in progress.

High performance lighter weight prosthetic foot based on nanocomposite


Description : A new prosthetic foot based on rubber nanocomposite material with improved properties. Long life span is a feature compared to imported expensive prosthetic feet.

Application : To be used by amputated personnel including soldiers

Value chain position : Still in development progress.

Face - ID Computer based forensic facial reconstitution for Sri Lanka using 3- D graphics



Description:Information Technology based automated facial reconstruction method to make ease forensic identification.

Application: Forensic Medicine

Value Chain position: Still in the development phase

Production of dry rubber open cell products


Description: A process for producing dry rubber open cell products

Application: There are many applications of rubber open cell products in the world market

Value chain position: Scaling up of process for producing dry rubber open cell products is in progress.

Soldering Robot System with Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)


Description: Locally developed Soldering Robot System with Automated Optical Inspection to improve efficiency and productivity for advancement of the electronics manufacturing industry.

Application: Electronics manufacturing industry

Value chain position: Development of a functional prototype is near completion.

Medical device development for commercialization



Description: Locally developed medical devices for commercialization (pulse oximeter, ECG machine and Stand-alone ECG abnormality detector)

Application: Monitoring patients

Value chain position: Still in progress

iMoni 2.0: A platform as a service (PaaS) to provide remote monitoring of residential and industrial facilities

Description:  A service platform to provide facilities to customize remote monitoring services via a mobile network.

Application: This is an advanced service through university- industry partnership which is affordable to households, small, medium and large industries to satisfy their different monitoring needs via mobile network.

Value chain position : The product is being developed at University of Moratuwa
Motor Learning and Rehabilitation
arm for stroke patients

Description: A robotic neuro rehabilitator for stroke patients to effectively and efficiently carry out neuro rehabilitation process. A device for treating stroke patients. The design consists of a robotic rehabilitation arm with different functionalities driven by an integrated software system.

Application: Useful in Neuro rehabilitation process.

Value chain position: Still in development phase

Capsule formulation and development of spirulina blue green algae

Description: Development of spirulina capsule to make spirulina consumption more palatable. The capsule is enriched with many vitamins and other nutrional ingredients in algae spirulina.

Application: Nutrapharmacuetical

Value chain position: Still in development phase.

Production of safety helmet using coir fibres

Description: A coir fibre latex based helmet to replace traditional helmets with hard shell made out of ABS (Acrylonitirle Butadiene) or PC (Poly carbonate0 polymer.

Application : Used as  safety helmets in construction sites

Value chain position: Still in development phase

Developing intelligent textiles by introducing two intelligent functionalities (antimicrobial and superhydrophobic properties) to cotton and polyester – cotton textiles

Description: Industrial application of modified textiles with antimicrobial and superhydrophobic properties by incorporating nano ZnO and nano TiO2

Application: Textile Industry

Value chain position: Still in development phase


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